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Product development and promotion in The Open Network ecosystem

Development in The Open Network ecosystem

TONLab.Pro Inc.

A team of blockchain enthusiasts TON (The Open Network).
From concept to final product, we manufacture and market a variety of products in the TON ecosystem.

Full development cycle


Integration into the TON ecosystem


Marketing activities

Our projects

We are developing the following areas

TON Sites

Creating websites on The Open Network


Launching NFT projects in The Open Network

Telegram bots

Development of functional bots in Telegram

TON Sites

Websites accessed via The Open Network. TON websites can be used as an entry point for other platform services.

  • Decentralization
  • Blockchain technology
  • Protection from censorship
TON Sites development


Non-fungible tokens in the TON ecosystem are digital assets that are proven to be one-of-a-kind.

  • Growing popularity
  • Growth potential
  • New opportunities
Launching projects on TON NFT

Telegram bots

Telegram bots are customized programs that perform a variety of tasks and make users' life easier.

  • Wide functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Endless possibilities
Telegram Bot Development



Team organization, generation of ideas, selection of promising areas of activity.

Creating a project

Work has begun on a project to create WEB 3.0 sites in the TON blockchain.

Creating a project

Work has begun on the project of the first NFT with real value in the TON blockchain.

Creating a mining pool

Development of a pool for TON-Ethereum dual mining over the years by regions of the world, which will provide a minimum ping for each miner.

Validation nodes

Creating validation nodes in the TON ecosystem. Attracting nominators.

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